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The congregation at The Vertical Church in Yuma, Arizona is all about practicing what they preach. That means a strong commitment to community, especially local students. So when The Vertical Church sees an opportunity to improve the lives of children in the community, they spring into action.

The entire student body at C.W. McGraw Elementary School in Yuma, Arizona experienced that spirit of generosity when they received new athletic shoes, measured for the perfect fit. All 600 students were greeted by members of The Vertical Church’s congregation, who helped the children lace up and swap their old sneakers out for the new.

“At The Vertical Church, we want to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community. This is why Shoes that Fit is an excellent way we can help provide a practical need for every student at McGraw Elementary and help those students live life in a better and more productive way. So, in turn, they can feel the joy and love of Jesus.” Pastor Jason Taylor – The Vertical Church

The Vertical Church’s shining example is a lesson to all that giving back to the community brings us all a greater sense of joy, love, and shoes!