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At first glance a construction company and the maker of snappy beer cheese don’t have much in common. But Judy Construction Co. and Hall’s Beer Cheese share a commitment to giving back. The two banded together this week sponsoring new sneakers for 400 students at Williams Wells Brown Elementary in Lexington, KY.

The legendary beer cheese brand snapped into action to help kids succeed in school by addressing a very real need for quality athletic shoes that fit each child. Kids have high energy levels; they need shoes that will take them from the classroom to recess while supporting their growing feet.

Hall’s started out as the specialty at a beloved local restaurant. Hall’s On The River has its roots deep in Kentucky history (it was founded as Holder’s Tavern by a contemporary of Daniel Boone). Hall’s is also investing in Kentucky’s future, its kids.

Judy Construction Co. is committed to building up its community, and while it usually builds with concrete and iron, it’ll use shoes when they work. A new pair of shoes can build self-esteem for kids, letting them know that their community values them and cares about their success in school and in life.

Former University of Kentucky athletes, Jacob Tamme and Jack “Goose” Givens came along to deliver shoes. Tamme, who has played for the Colts, Broncos, and Falcons, was excited to give back to kids in his old college town. For Jack “Goose” Givens, it was great to be in the town he grew up in and played in, and where his #21 jersey still hangs.